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Contact modules and LED modules

The contact modules are fitted with slow-action contacts (NO contacts or NC contacts). These ensure a high switching reliability even with small voltages and currents, such as 5 V/1 mA. They are suitable for use in electronic systems as well as conventional controls. The contact pieces of the NC contacts are positively driven.
Only LED modules with permanently integrated LEDs are available for illumination.
Contact modules and LED modules bear terminal designations acc. to EN 50013

Mounting the modules

With SIRIUS ACT, the modules are mounted on the holder without any further accessories. Holders in plastic or metal versions are available for mounting three modules.

Connection method

The modules are available with:

  • Screw terminals
  • Spring-type terminals or
  • Solder pin connections (0.8 mm × 0.8 mm solder pins) for assembly on printed circuit boards.