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SILIZED is the brand name for NEOZED fuses (D0 fuses) and DIAZED fuses (D fuses) with super quick-response characteristic for semiconductor protection. The fuses are used in combination with fuse bases, fuse screw caps and accessory parts of the standard fuse system.

SILIZED semiconductor fuses protect power semiconductors from the effects of short circuits because the super quick disconnect characteristic is far quicker than that of conventional fuses. They protect expensive devices and system components, such as semiconductor contactors, static relays, converters with fuses in the input and in the DC link, UPS systems and soft starters for motors up to 100 A.

When using fuse bases and fuse screw caps made of molded plastic, always heed the maximum permissible power loss values due to the high power loss (power dissipation) of the SILIZED fuses. When using these components, the following maximum permissible power loss applies:

  • NEOZED D02: 5.5 W
  • DIAZED DII: 4.5 W
  • DIAZED DIII: 7.0 W.

For this reason, sometimes a thermal permanent load of only 50% is possible.

The DIAZED screw adapter DII for 25 A is used for the 30 A fuse link.


  • SILIZED semiconductor fuses have an extremely compact design. This means they have a very small footprint – particularly the NEOZED version.
  • The rugged and well-known DIAZED design complies with IEC 60269-3. It is globally renowned and can be used in many countries.
  • A wide range of fuse bases and accessories is available for the NEOZED and DIAZED versions of the SILIZED semiconductor fuses. This increases the application options in many devices.