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Terminals for all applications

Flat terminals with screws are suitable for connecting busbars or cable lugs. They have a torsion-proof screw connection with shim, spring washer and nut. When tightening the nut, the torque level must be noted due to the significant leverage.

The double busbar terminal differs from the flat connection in that it supports connection of two busbars, one on the top and one at the bottom of the flat connection.

With the flat connection with nut, terminal lug of the nut is torsion-proof. When tightening the nut, the torque must be observed because of the considerable leverage effect.

The plug-in terminal is equipped for connecting two conductors.

The modern box terminal ensures efficient and reliable connection to the conductors. They support connection of conductors with or without end sleeves.

Up to three conductors can be clamped to the terminal strip.

One conductor can be clamped to the saddle-type terminal.


  • The silver-plated Lyra contact provides a large contact area for the pin of the LV HRC fuse link. This improves heat transmission and lowers the temperature. It also minimizes ageing of the fuse link in the maximum load range, in particular when using SITOR semiconductor fuses
  • The large contact area also facilitates replacement of LV HRC fuse links
  • The spring washer tensioning the contact is mechanically galvanized. This will prevent hydrogen embrittlement. The contact is resistant to aging and there will be no dreaded annealing of contacts, which considerably improves operating safety.

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