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LV HRC signal detectors are used for remotely indicating that the LV HRC fuse links have been tripped. 3 different solutions are available:

  • 3NX1021 signal detectors with signal detector link
    The LV HRC signal detectors with signal detector link support monitoring of LV HRC fuse links with non-insulated grip lugs of sizes 000 to 4 at 10 A or more. The signal detector link is connected in parallel to the LV HRC fuse link. In the event of a fault, the LV HRC fuse links are released simultaneously with the LV HRC fuse detector link. A tripping pin switches a floating microswitch
  • 3NX1024 signal detector top
    The signal detector top can be used with LV HRC fuse links, sizes 000, 00, 1 and 2, which are equipped with non-insulated grip lugs and have a front indicator or combination alarm. It is simply plugged into the grip lugs
  • 5TT3170 fuse monitors
    If a fuse is tripped, the front indicator springs open and switches a floating microswitch. This solution should not be used for safety-related systems. For this purpose, we recommend our electronic fuse monitors.


Uniform solution for all sizes

LV HRC signal detectors reliably indicate when a fuse has tripped. Tripped fuses are quickly located. This saves time and increases plant availability.

The LV HRC signal detector top is a cost-effective solution for the monitoring of Siemens LV HRC fuse links of sizes 000, 00, 1 and 2.