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The NEOZED fuse system is primarily used in distribution technology and industrial switchgear assemblies. The system is easy to use and is also approved for domestic installation.

The MINIZED switch disconnectors are primarily used in switchgear assemblies and control engineering. They are approved for switching loads as well as for safe switching in the event of short circuits. The MINIZED D02 is also suitable for use upstream of the meter in household applications in compliance with the recommendations of the VDEW according to TAB.

Due to its compact design, the MINIZED D01 fuse switch disconnector is primarily used in control engineering.

The NEOZED fuse bases are the most cost-effective solution for using NEOZED fuses. All NEOZED bases must be fed from the bottom to ensure that the threaded ring is insulated during removal of the fuse link. The terminals of the NEOZED bases are available in different versions and designs to support the various installation methods.


Compared to the older DIAZED fuse system, the NEOZED fuse system is significantly more modern:

  • Much more compact which saves space in the distribution board.
  • Modern devices like the MINIZED switching devices, which combine the functions of a switch disconnector and a fuse base.
  • Wide range of accessories, such as busbars for one-, two-, or three-phase wiring
  • Modern terminals for MINIZED D02 and NEOZED comfort bases: Visible, clear and controllable connection simplifies cable entry.

Double terminal chambers permit connection of two wires of different cross-sections.

  • Lower power loss of the fuse links.

Even when compared to the internationally prevalent cylindrical fuse system, the NEOZED fuse system has considerable advantages:

  • Non-interchangeability - thanks to use of adapter sleeves (i.e. it is not possible to insert a fuse for larger currents). This is a requirement of numerous wiring regulations in Germany and other European countries.
  • Switching devices with load switching characteristics allow the safe switching of load currents up to 63 A.

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Fuse base D01 with terminal type BB

  • Incoming feeders, clamp-type terminal B
  • Outgoing feeders, clamp-type terminal B

Fuse base D02 with terminal type KS

  • Incoming feeders, screw head contact K
  • Outgoing feeders, saddle terminal S

Fuse base D02 with terminal type SS

  • Incoming feeders, saddle terminal S
  • Outgoing feeders, saddle terminal S