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Область применения

SITRANS WW310 is designed for industrial applications such as mining, cement, chemical processing, pulp and paper, and other heavy-duty industries.

Field tested and proven in hundreds of applications, it enhances profitability by ensuring accuracy, enhancing blend consistency, reducing downtime, and improving accountability and record keeping. The unique weigh system reduces dead load and applies live load directly to load cells for accurate measurement. The dual load cells are externally mounted for easy access and maintenance.

It is available in a variety of lengths from 1.6 m (63 inch), belt width from 0.5 m (18 inch) to 1.2 m (48 inch), several different inlet configurations and materials of construction. It can be configured to suit various applications.

Supported by Milltronics BW500 or SIWAREX FTC microprocessor-based integrators for easy blending, batching and feed rate control.


SITRANS WW310 is a medium- to high-capacity weighfeeder used for macro ingredient additives.


SITRANS WW310, dimensions in mm (inch)

SITRANS WW310 dimensions in mm (inch)


  • Control flow of material into or out of a process
  • Access to electronic and operational components from outside frame and enclosure
  • Mass flow design infeed
  • Easy to replace endless belt
  • Fast installation, easy to clean and maintain

Схема подключения

SITRANS WW310 connections

Технические данные

Mode of Operation


Measuring principle

Strain gauge load cells and digital speed sensor

Typical application

Industrial and process applications in feeding, blending or ratioing in gypsum manufacturing

Measuring accuracy



± 0.5 % or better

Turn down

10 ... 100 % based on speed

Design rate range

4.5 ... 270 t/h (5 ... 300 STPH)

Medium conditions


Operating temperature

-10 … +40 °C (14 … 104 °F)




Mild steel with abrasion resistant or stainless steel [304 (1.4301)] contact parts optional

Load Cells

Two corrosion-resistant platform type with mechanical overload protection [nickel plated or 17-4 PH (1.4568) stainless steel construction with 304 (1.4301) stainless steel cover]


± 0.03 %


± 0.02 %

Speed sensor

Industrial duty, digital optical encoder, tail shaft mounted


  • Painted structural steel
  • Cantilevered mild steel structural frame for quick and easy belt replacement


Crowned with rubber lagging on drive pulley for maximum traction


Heavy-duty 100 mm (4 inch) CEMA C with precision ground ball bearings and triple labyrinth seals for longer life

Belt speed

0.005 ... 0.36 m/s (1 ... 70 fpm)


  • Heavy duty endless design for maximum weighing accuracy. SBR, Butyl or Nitrile material options
  • Flat, B-section flanges or corrugated sidewall options

Belt tension

Screw type, telescoper module

Belt cleaning

  • Spring tensioned UHMW blade at head pulley
  • Return UHMW plow at tail pulley

Drive motor

Totally enclosed AC, three phase inverter duty rated motor with shaft mounted gear reducer

Shipping weight

410 kg (900 lb) minimum


  • CE on all electrical components
  • Hazardous approvals per configuration options

Note: Weighfeeder as a whole is not approved for hazardous locations, only electrical components.

1) Accuracy subject to: On factory approved installations, the weighfeedersystem’s totalized weight will be within the specified accuracy when compared to a known weighed material test sample. The test rate must be within the specified range of the design capacity and held constant for the duration of the test. The minimum material test sample must be equivalent to a sample obtained at the test flow rate for three revolutions of the belt or at least ten minutes running time, whichever is greater.