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IEC motors of the 1LE series are used both in hoists and in traversing gears in industrial plants.

The IEC motors of the 1LG series are used, in the crane‑specific variant in particular (CA in 9th and 10th positions of the Article No.), in hoists and in traversing gears for outdoor installation. In the case of outdoor installation, "CA" must be specified in the 9th and 10th position of the Article code. The selection and ordering data specified here only contains the standard versions of the 1LG motors. Forced‑ventilated motors based on the standard motors but specially configured for hoist applications can be selected in shaft height 315 L.

In conjunction with the fitted spring‑operated brakes, the highly compact IEC motors of the 1LP series in their crane‑specific variants are ideal for traversing gear in modern converter‑fed crane systems.