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Siemens Remote Service platform

Fast, reliable and expert support is extremely important both during commissioning as well as in active operation.

Using modern IT structures and secure Internet connections, SIMATIC Remote Support Services offer preventative, system-specific support, which is high efficient, flexible and profitable. The service is based on the high-performance, highly secure Siemens Remote Service (SRS) platform, which enables secure remote access to the automation system - both by Siemens experts as well as by your own system specialists or system integrators.

Features of the SRS platform
  • Ultramodern, scalable security and access concept, compatible with the Industrial Security concept
  • Reaction-free due to separation of the networks
  • Collaboration & Customer Web portal for simple and user-friendly integration of your own service personnel or external partners
  • Central monitoring, logging and reporting
  • Transparent access and e-mail notification
  • Certification according to TÜV and CERT


The modularity of the SIMATIC Remote Support Services allows you to tailor the scope of services exactly to your specific requirements and subsequently expand them.

Service modules in overview

  • Starter Package (Reactive Support)
    Cost-effective introduction to modern, efficient Remote Desktop Support for a fast correction of faults on the basis of the SRS platform
  • Enhanced Package (Reactive Support + Managed Services)
    Assignment of a dedicated representative who is familiar with the automation system, i.e., the technology, the installed products as well as the networks and their topologies. The use of special diagnostic tools increases the service efficiency
  • Comprehensive Package (Reactive Support + Managed Services + Preventive Module)
    Inspection services in accordance with DIN 31051, including preventive check of the the system status for transparent representation of the system status and derivation of preventive measures


  • Excellent support from experts who can connect directly to the automation system anywhere in the world ‑ without startup or travel time
  • Secure remote connection of the automation system with the Siemens Remote Service platform
  • Provision of the remote infrastructure in combination with support and maintenance
  • SIMATIC Remote Support Services can be adapted step-by-step to meet the actual need

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