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  • Plant operators that use PLT protective equipment to reduce risks - this includes the operators of almost all chemical plants, all refineries, distillation and combustion plants.
  • SIMATIC PCS 7 plants with integrated safety technology using S7 F systems and SIMATIC Safety Matrix, in which processing must be performed according to IEC 61511 or a specific safety integrity level (SIL).


Simplified representation of the safety lifecycle (IEC 61511)

Safety Life Cycle Service for the process industry (IEC 61511)

The functional safety topic covers much more than the Installation SIL-certified hardware and software components. It requires expert knowledge, always aware of latest directives and technologies.

Plant operators, PLT protective devices for risk reduction - this includes operators of almost all chemical plants, refineries, distillation and combustion plants - must implement a system for management of functional safety. Operators are obliged to verify sufficient risk reduction.

In addition to the correct hardware and software, applied planning, operating, and change processes are decisive in ensuring that these systems effectively maintain their intended function throughout the complete lifecycle of the plant.

The basis for these processes are:

  • Safety Life Cycle (SLC)
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

The safety lifecycle reflects the lifecycle of process plants and is divided into separate phases: Risk assessment, specification of the safety requirements, planning, installation and commissioning, operation, change as well as decommissioning. Errors in the early stages of the project can be often only be correct later at great effort and cost. We systematically prevent errors in all project phases using our standardized engineering guidelines and verification templates.


The following service modules are offered as a service:

  • Management, evaluation of "functional safety" and audits
  • Configuration and planning of the SLC (Safety Plan)
  • Hazard and safety assessment
  • Assignment of the safety functions to the protection levels
  • Safety Requirement Specification (SRS)
  • Verification and validation (e.g. SIL verification, hardware/software audit)
  • Modification
  • Training


  • Standardized processes for faster and safer project implementation and commissioning
  • Uniform verification and validation documents
  • Reduction of development time and costs through interdisciplinary team of experts with process and automation expertise
  • Acceleration of the acceptance of plants by means of customized safety concepts

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