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LOHER Motors in Ex e

The basic idea behind this type of protection against explosion is to avoid the generation of sparks and arcs or excessively high motor temperatures by applying a series of measures so that there is no possibility of ignition in the first place. In addition, a suitable monitoring device is always required that even under fault conditions (e.g. locked rotor) avoids any ignition.
Motors with type of protection "increased safety e" are located in an explosive atmosphere, whereby, this atmosphere may occur in a potentially hazardous quantity. These motors are assigned to equipment group II - Category 2G (this corresponds to Zone 1). They guarantee a high degree of safety.
Loher Ex e motors are certified and optimally adapted for use in hazardous Zone 1 according to EN 50014 and EN 50019 or EN 60079-0 and EN 60079-7. They are stamped with II 2 G Ex e II according to the EC Directive (94/9/EC). An EC type test certificate guarantees that the regulations are always maintained. Ex e motors also fulfill - if required - the regulations relating to explosion dust protection according to EN 50281-1-1 // EN 50281-1-2 and are then correspondingly additionally type tested and documented with an EC type test certificate if the motor is to operate in an environment with conductive dust.