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Asset management has become enormously important due to the intensive global competition and the associated cost pressure in many areas of the process industry.

The aim of all asset management activities is to increase the life of the system components of a plant (assets) and thus the reliability and availability of the overall plant and also to optimize the maintenance measures necessary for this.

While the significance of status-dependent maintenance continues to increase, the failure-oriented and preventive maintenance strategies that were common in the past are fading into the background.

Operating errors, malfunctions or symptoms of wear can be detected at an early stage by means of:

  • Online recording and evaluation of operating states and switching processes
  • Comparison of operating point and standard characteristics of a piece of apparatus

Moreover, on the basis of long-term statistical evaluations it is possible to determine whether an apparatus is optimally designed.

Using a maintenance station integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7, assets of the control system can be monitored and their diagnostics messages and maintenance requirements can be processed.

Regardless of this, individual asset management blocks are offered as add-on products for the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system; enabling the maintenance engineer to monitor passive (indirect) assets. These are CFC blocks that run on an automation system. One example of this is the condition monitoring block PumpMon in the Chapter "Libraries/Blocks/Tools". Additional asset management blocks of this type are currently being prepared, e.g. for heat exchangers and control valves.

In the context of these asset management blocks, Siemens, with its Premium Service Asset Management, offers extensive consultation services for the maintenance engineer as well as support during commissioning.

The Siemens experts employed for this purpose have process-engineering expertise and are experienced in the design and optimization of assets. They are familiar not only with automation systems but also with maintenance requirements.

The Asset Management Premium Service is of particular interest for continuous production plants as well as for new plants where no experience is yet available for the planning of maintenance intervals. Here the main focus is on "failure-critical" apparatus that requires fixed maintenance intervals due to severe wear.

A prerequisite for the use of the Asset Management Premium Service is the use of a SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system V7.0 or higher.


The Premium Service Asset Management offered as an add-on for SIMATIC PCS 7 as of V7.0 process control system is split into three complementary modules that can be ordered individually:

Module 1:
Determination of asset management optimization potential through analysis by experts
  • One-day workshop for explanation of the Siemens integrated asset management concept, for determining the need for maintenance and the optimization potential
  • Participants: Siemens experts and representatives of the client with profound knowledge of the plant technology and asset management.
  • Prior agreement of workshop details between client and contractor
  • Typical workshop content:
    • Presentation of the available asset management blocks
    • Stating the requirements for the application of the asset management blocks, e.g. suitable types of apparatus, retrofitting of measurement devices etc.
    • Explanation of the block functions, if necessary in connection with a live demonstration
    • Presentation of the benefits and limits of asset management blocks
    • Presentation of the customer's current maintenance situation (maintenance intervals, failure/wear problems, frequency of plant standstills)
    • Basic analysis to determine the optimization potential
  • Result: Workshop documentation with qualitative evaluation of the asset management potential and specific recommendations for further actions
Module 2:
Preparation of a feasibility study
  • Approx. one week feasibility study for verification and detailing of the potential identified in Module 1: Detailed examination of the assets of the customer plant and recording of the process/apparatus data relevant for the parameterization
  • Participants: Siemens experts and representatives of the client
  • Prior agreement of content of the feasibility study between client and contractor
  • Typical contents of the feasibility study:
    • Selection of assets to be monitored
    • Checking the conditions for applying the asset management blocks
    • Determining the necessary measurement technology
    • Recording relevant process/apparatus data in the form of checklists
    • Determining the required alarms
  • Result: Report on the feasibility study that contains the data on assets to be monitored, necessary commissioning measures and a rough estimate of costs
Module 3:
Implementation of the prepared feasibility study
  • Support in commissioning the asset management blocks
  • Requirement: Completion of the measures necessary for the commissioning of the asset management blocks from the feasibility study, e.g. retrofitting of measurement points
  • Content is the subject of an individual agreement between client and contractor
  • Typical service content:
    • Calculating the characteristics
    • Implementing and parameterizing the blocks
    • Analysis of the recorded block operating data
    • Training the customer's personnel
  • Basis for the individual agreement is a project-specific quotation provided by Siemens as the contractor
  • Inquiries for production of a quotation should be directed to the address specified under "Further information"

The modules of the Premium Service "Asset Management" do not include any traveling expenses. Traveling expenses from the Hoechst Industrial Estate, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, will be invoiced separately.


  • Improving plant availability / security against failure by monitoring the assets
  • Better planning capability for maintenance
  • Performance enhancement by recognizing and optimizing poorly designed assets
  • Easy integration into the SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System
  • Asset management functions in the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system save the need for or supplement external manufacturer-specific monitoring systems.

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