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As a result of permanently increasing competition in the process industry, more products of improved quality must be produced within the same time. This of course also has effects on process procedures associated with company logistics (intralogistics).

The demands placed on the logistics performance are increased even further by manufacturing to order, minimization of throughput times, and reduction in warehouse ranges. As a result, a company's success is becoming increasingly dependent on supply chain management.

Since production is being increasingly concentrated at a few global locations, the material flow must be correspondingly accelerated there. This requires appropriate concepts with which the material flow can be optimized in the existing environment.

With its Premium Service "Material flow optimization", Siemens offers you services for generating and implementing intelligent, future-oriented concepts. With Siemens as a service partner, you have access to experts who are not only acquainted with intralogistics and automation technology, but also have sound process know-how.


The Premium Service "Material flow optimization" consists of three modules which build upon each other and which can be ordered individually:

Module 1:
Determination of optimization potential through analysis by experts
  • One-day workshop to analyze the intralogistics with the objective of gaining an overview of the logistics processes and determination of potentials for optimization
  • Participants: Siemens experts and representatives of the client with profound specialized knowledge
  • Submission of a catalog of questions and a list of required data to the client for preparation of the workshop
  • Systematic discussion of the logistics processes with the client's experts
  • Result: Workshop documentation with evaluation of the optimization potential, and specific recommendations for further actions
Module 2:
Preparation of a feasibility study
  • Intensive investigation of the optimization options determined in Module 1 and elaboration of specific implementation measures
  • Participants: Siemens experts and representatives of the client
  • Exploration of plant layout and process procedures, optionally with support by simulation programs such as INOSIM or PLANT SIMULATION
  • Possibly recording of further data in the client's plant depending on the optimization approach
  • Result: Detailed documentation of the recommended implementation measures with:
    • Assessment of the optimization potential
    • Approximate estimate of costs (accuracy ± 25%)
    • Basic deadlines for implementation of measures
Module 3:
Implementation of the produced feasibility study
  • Implementation of the knowledge gained in Modules 1 and 2
  • Content is the subject of an individual agreement between client and contractor
  • Basis for the individual agreement is a project-specific quotation provided by Siemens as the contractor
  • Inquiries for production of a quotation should be directed to the address specified under "Further information"

The modules of the Premium Service "Material flow optimization" do not include any traveling expenses. Traveling expenses from the Hoechst Industrial Estate, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, will be invoiced separately.


  • Optimization of intercompany procedures through identification and elimination of bottlenecks
  • Increase in performance through elimination of unnecessary buffer times in favor of continuous processes
  • Increase in plant flexibility through optimized controls
  • Planning, invitation to bid, project management, and supervision of assembly and deadlines all from a full-line supplier

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