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Premium Services: modular range of services for process optimization

Continuous technological developments result in increasingly effective processes for manufacturing high-quality products with minimum use of materials and energy.

To remain successful in the permanently increasing international competition, it is more important than ever today to consistently utilize all potentials for optimization. A decisive factor toward achieving success is to find the perfect balance between quality, time and costs.

Siemens has experts who are highly acquainted with technological processes as well as the latest developments and methods for process optimization. These offer you service modules as Premium Services for different methods for process optimization.


All Premium Services have identical structures. They consist of three modules which build upon each other, can be ordered individually, and provide clearly defined results:

Module 1:
Determination of optimization potential through analysis by experts
  • One-day workshop to assess the process
  • Participants: Siemens experts and representatives of the client with profound knowledge of the process
  • Result: Documentation with qualitative evaluation of the optimization potential, and specific recommendations for further actions
Module 2:
Preparation of a feasibility study
  • Feasibility study for detailed, project-based process analysis with qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the benefits of process optimization
  • Participants: Siemens experts and client personnel responsible for the process
  • Result: Feasibility study, consisting of documentation on trials, qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the optimization potential (Return on Investment), and specific recommendations for implementation
Module 3:
Implementation of the produced feasibility study
  • Implementation of knowledge gained in Modules 1 and 2 in a specific project
  • The content is extremely variable, and therefore part of an individual agreement between Siemens and the client; Siemens provides a project-specific quotation in each case