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The IM 308-C is a PROFIBUS DP master and/or slave module for SIMATIC S5-115U/H to S5-155U/H.

Up to 122 passive nodes such as, for example, standalone ET 200 I/O devices or field devices with PROFIBUS DP interface module, can be connected to an IM 308-C interface module.

The 308-C adapter kit enables the IM 308-C to also be used in central controllers 1, 2 and 3 of the SINUMERIK 840C. The adapter kit contains a printed-circuit board with the required electronics to convert the SINUMERIK 840C bus signals to the SIMATIC S5 bus system and the mechanical components for the assembly and installation of the adapter and IM-308-C.


  • PROFIBUS DP master and/or slave module for SIMATIC S5-115U/H to S5-155U/H
  • Communications services


The IM 308-C interface module must be inserted in the specified slot of the S5-115U/H programmable controller.

The module requires a single-width slot.

The PROFIBUS bus system is connected using

  • an RS 485 bus coupler or
  • an RS 485 bus terminal.

For operating the module, a 5-V memory card (256 KB) is required (included in the scope of supply).


Interface module IM 308-C coordinates channel access and data transmission over the PROFIBUS DP as a master module.

It can also operate as PROFIBUS DP slave and thus enables data exchange with other PROFIBUS DP masters.

The master and slave functionality can be implemented in combination, i.e. an IM 308-C receives data as slave from another PLC and simultaneously operates as master of, for example, ET 200 I/O devices.

  • Global Control:
    Sync, freeze I/O devices
  • Addressing range:
    per IM 308-C 13 KB data can be addressed by the CPU
  • Shared Inputs
    The inputs of a slave can be read by several interface modules in the IM 308-C.

The configuration is performed with the COM PROFIBUS configuration package (see SIMATIC Industry Software).

Технические данные

IM 308-C interface module


Data transmission rate

9.6 kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s


  • Connection for PROFIBUS

9-pin sub D socket

Supply voltage

+5 V DC over backplane bus

Current consumption, approx.

30 mA

Addressing range

13 KB for inputs, outputs and diagnostics

Number of I/O devices that can be connected max.

ET 200 U/B, S5-95U/DP and/or other field devices

Data volume

244 byte inputs and outputs per slave

Perm. environmental conditions

  • Operating temperature

0°C to + 60°C

  • Transport/Storage temperature

- 40°C to + 70°C

  • Relative humidity, max.

95 % at + 25°C

Structural design

  • Module format


  • Dimensions (W x H) in mm

160 x 233.4

  • Weight approx.

500 g

  • Space requirements

1 slot